Fourier Series Tutorial

Learn the Fourier Series in Sine - Cosine notation with flash programs

HINT: If program is too big for screen click mouse in program then push "CTRL" and spin mouse wheel at the same time... or push F11 for full screen.

Look at the table below. You can just go through the flash programs, or you can listen to a boring lecture and then play around with a flash program.

If you like you can see where the whole tutorial is going by looking at the last program first:

Fourier Series Flash Program click me

If you don't quite understand this flash program, then start at the beginning of the tutorial (and possible consider listening to the boring lectures).

Boring Lectures Flash Programs
Sinusoid Sine/Cosine Combination To Make Sinusoid click me
Four Frequencies Combined click me
Integration Integration click me
Phase_amplitude Amplitude Phase Presentation click me
Fourier Series The Fourier Series click me