Smith Chart Tutorial

Learn theSmith Chart through interactive flash programs

HINT: If program is too big for screen click mouse in program then push "CTRL" and spin mouse wheel at the same time... or push F11 for full screen.

This Smith Chart Tutorial Consists of 5 Flash programs with embedded audio. These programas will allow you to learn the Smith Chart through interacted flash programs.

Flash Program Description Smith Chart Programs
Tutorial 1
Basics of the Smith Chart: Impedance, Admittance charts, Reflection Coeficient representation.
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Tutorial 2
User the Smith Chart to Match an arbitrary load using Lumped Capacitor and Inductor components.
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Tutorial 3
Use the Smith Chart to see how transmission line affects the reflection coefficient. Also match an arbitrary load using a transmission line and a Lumped (Capacitor/Inductor) element.
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Tutorial 4
Learn Basic Stub Tuning:Use the Smith Chart to see to convert a transmission line into Equivalent Capacitors and Inductors.
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Tutorial 5
Learn to Convert the Smith Chart results into actual Capacitor and Inductor Values and into actual transmission Line lengths. This shows how to convert the 1ohm Smith chart to a 50 ohm chart and how to get useful real world design results.
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